10 weeks post-Covid-19

10 weeks since having Covid-19 I had two blood test where my CRP (C Reactive Protein) was < 5. CRP is produced by the liver and is a sign of inflammation in the body due to infection or other conditions such as heart disease or autoimmunity. This is a sign of a recovery from Covid-19. This is something you should have routinely checked when you visit your GP -- it is a simple blood test.

I was fortunate not to have encountered  the complications mentioned in my previous posting about Covid-19. I attribute this to life-style factors. I live in a peaceful retirement village within 11 hectares of beautifully maintained gardens and surroundings. One can step outside into the sunshine and be washed over with the feeling of being one with the Universe.  I’ll forebear from  breaking out into song like Julie Andrews: “the hills are alive with the sound of music”. But you get the general idea of this whenever you experienced the natural sounds and beauty of a walk in nature.

The other factor is having an energy view of the world, complimented by non-materialism.. This is a cosmological view which I’ll not elaborate on here, but will leave it for future blog postings. Suffice it to say that it includes the energy of the Universe, the Chi, something briefly mention in previous postings. This was not a sudden molecular virologist’s “conversion on the way to Damascus” but a gradual move towards Shiva’s molecular dance as described by Fritjof Capra. This  borders on Panpsychism, a theory that suggests that consciousness is a fundamental property of  the Universe, another topic to explore further.

In an effort to avoid falling into the several rabbit-holes mention above, I’ll go straight to the work of Donna Edna and her energy healing. Donna’s approach is: here are the exercises, do them and you can heal yourself. No mumbo-jumbo, no change in beliefs necessary, no secret sauce, no secret handshakes involved. She does offer several courses and further instruction but they are not essential since the body knows how to heal itself. A simple daily 5-minute routine is provided below by Donna Eden and David Feinstein.

Some of the topics introduced here will be explored in future Blog posts: cosmology, panpsychism, consciousness, and fundamentals of the Universe. Some of these topics are also expounded upon at: https://cosmickiwi.com.