A Time to Think About Facebook

You are probably one of the 2.32 billion active Facebook users and see this as a convenient way of keeping in touch with friends and family.  Also you probably use Google and YouTube to keep up with the news and events of the day. You know that they are the BIG DATA BEHEMOTHS of the world and that they are collecting data about you. But you view them as benign entities engaged in clickbait advertising activities — after all they have to earn money in some way to provide you with all these free services. Little do you suspect them in propagating false information or fake news or that they are the handmaidens of vested interests that are disrupting what remains of our liberal democracies.

We need to take heed of the DATA BEHEMOTHS and climate change.

According to David Attenborough we have 10 more years before the dangers of climate change began to disrupt societies. A good example of these warnings is illustrated in the TED Talk by Carole Cadwalladr.