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As a retired academic in molecular virology, I am still following my core project, which is to profess -- to tell you about what is new, what is exciting, what I have found out, what I think about the world, what are the breakthroughs in my field of scientific interests.

My scientific publications can be found on ResearchGate.

What is my broad brush view of everything? I believe that there is a ‘force’ that pervades the entire universe that leads to the evolution of complexity. I have tried to expound this further in my blog posts on the force of intelligence  (F = T  Sτ).

The best example of this for me is the elegant life-cycle of an RNA virus of bacteria such as MS2. Here a string of 3569 RNA nucleotides have come together to harness the components of a bacterial cell to express its genetic programme and to even utilise the “noise” (error-rate) of ribosome translation to orchestrate the timing, the order and quantity of its gene expression. A truly elegant string of RNA nucleotides formed by F = T  Sτ.

For spiritual beliefs, I would put myself down as something of a Taoist — in the Alan Watts sort of way. In the days of my youth, I undertook a compilation of a version of the Tao Te Ching. Youth holds no bounds.