Intergenerational Christmas

Intergenerational battle

Christmas is one of those times when there is a heightened sense of expectations for playing 'happy families'.  Combine this with the expenses and stresses of buying the 'right gifts' and socialising with an ever-expanding 'blended family' and the acknowledging of old dysfunctional relationships -- and you have the recipe for the self-medicating use of alcohol and any other available drug.

In recent times I think there is yet another factor emerging -- a growing intergenerational resentment between the aging Baby Boomers and the upcoming Gen Y.

The Baby Boomers (born 1946 - 1965) are in their 60's and Gen Y (born after 1982) in their early 30's --- have very different views of the world. The Baby Boomers are soon to retire, smug with their home-ownership, powerful career positions and who had it all -- drugs, sex and rock-n-roll. Who had education as a right and it was free.

Gen Y who were brought up to believe that they 'could do anything' are now faced with harsh economic times, climate change and environmental degradation. They are saddled with huge student loans, house prices they can not afford and a realisation that they will not be able to have the life-style of their parents or grandparents. There is a growing resentment that the Baby Boomers have wrecked the planet and spent their future.

Add this to the mix of the Christmas spirit.