Photos of Isfahan

These photos of Isfahan are a follow-up to the previous posting Trip to Iran - Isfahan. The photos were taken during the visit to Iran in November, 2014.

Isfahan is famous for its Islamic architecture, boulevards, covered bridges, palaces and mosques. During 1050 - 1772 it was the centre of the north-south and east-west (The Silk Route) trading routes. The Naqshe-eJalan Square, the largest city square in the world, was built during this time.

We stayed at the Abbasi Hotel, named after Shah Abbas the Great who in 1598 made Isfahan the capital of Persia. During this time thousands of Georgians came to live in Isfahan. The Si-o-Seh Poi Bridge of 33 arches was built by Shah Abbas.

Isfahan is where the nuclear experimental facilities are located. It also contains a major oil refinery and produces fine carpets, textiles, steel and handicrafts. The city was resettled by a large number people from southern Iran following the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980's.

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