The Force of Intelligence


Continuing on the theme of the equation for intelligence (F = T ∇ Sτ)

The most memorial thing about my visit to China was not the Terra Cotta Warriors, the temples, the structured gardens or the Great Wall but the view from the window of the 44th floor the Regent Hotel room looking down to the centre of Shanghai. Seeing that network of highways and skyscrapers and traffic and movement and people doing things, there was a palatable feeling of a force from all that activity of possibilities being actualised  — I can now think of it as the ‘force’ of intelligence (F = T ∇ Sτ). Things were happening, choices were been made, options were being actualised  — an entropic increase in intelligence was occurring.

This is not just a China thing, I get a similar feeling whenever I visit New York — the city that never sleeps — exhausting but full of possibilities.